Thursday, September 24, 2015

exploring we will go

A while back we made the promise to each other to always make time to seek adventure as a family (you can read about it here). Exploring new places and going outside is a big part of our daily lives and once in a while I like to share a little peek into our adventures.

We've been on the road for the last few days- exploring and camping our way 170 miles down the Oregon Coast from our home in Seaside to Florence, Oregon. While camping and road tripping with a little kid is not easy, we've had a blast! Here is a little peek inside our adventures!

we spotted whales everywhere we went!


Meghan Thimjon said...

Love the memories you are creating for Lucy! She is one lucky girl!
I would love to have a fun can to travel in! A girl can dream!

EricaSta said...

Wow, each Photo tells a little story.... A wonderful travel, a wonderful Post. Above, the third capture seen I must laugh... :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Wow! Amazing))) I like your car!))

Stephanie said...

What gorgeous pictures! You guys really have the right idea about exploring your own backyard! There really is so much to see that we take for granted because of the routine of our everyday lives. Thanks for the reminder!

annette said...

stunning scenery! are there really so few people about?

Dorothy said...

Have fun! Short travel trips are some of the best.

astr!d said...

love this! im insanely jealous!

SewPaperPaint said...

Alisa, I read this post from 2010 recently that discussed why artist blogs fail and the main reason is that people don't want to just see one's art, but want to know who they are and feel a connection to their lives, as inspiration for their own lives (and sometimes art). It really made me think about all the blogs I've really loved visiting over the years and why some that I once loved so much I don't enjoy anymore. All that said to say KUDOS to you! You share your heart and life and adventures with the world and they love you for it and respect your art all the more. So many bloggers shift gears into full stream marketing mode for their goods and lose the personal reflection with which they began. I hope you will keep focused in the future and live our your extraordinary life for the world to go WOW over! <3 And that is what makes your art so amazing, it is a reflection of you. :)

studioGypsy said...

so so great!! absolute love!! now i'm wondering when you're going to paint up the outside canvas of your van! :D xoxo

Indira said...

Absolutely fabulous. I am sure your daughter will cherish these memories as she grows up. How did you get so close to the whales? Did you take the whale watching ride?

Sandy said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures. Watching the Pope on TV and looking at your incredible pictures. I cannot think of a better way to start my day!
Sandy xx

james_lopez said...

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Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I really want to design a van like that so my boyfriend and I can go exploring like you!

Sue A said...

Wow! Your photos are just gorgeous. What beautiful places you go to. Thanks for sharing.

Gennie said...

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