Tuesday, July 02, 2013

blue tarp beach tote

We live around the corner from the beach which means we do lots of walking back and forth to play which also means we are ALWAY hauling all kinds of stuff (especially kids stuff) to the beach! Recently, I had the bright idea to make a huge tote bag from a blue tarp (hello waterproof and heavy duty!) that we already had in our garden shed.

1. I used a blue tarp- typically the most common color found in home improvement and hardware stores but you can find tarps in all kinds of colors. 2. I decided to alter my tarp but I didn't have lots of time so I chose to spray paint stripes. I started by taping off the tarp. 3. I sprayed with a LIGHT layer of spray paint. 4. I peeled off the layers of tape and was left with stripes!

There are all kinds of ways you could alter a tarp- combine with fabric, use colorful stitching, paint or stencil a pattern or use a paint pen and doodle!

You could use your favorite tote bag pattern or wing it- like I do!

I cut my tarp to size and folded in half.
I hemmed the top.
Sewed the handles on.
Sewed up both sides.
Sewed across each corner (on the inside).
Turned right side out 

Voilà- a great big tote perfect for the beach!


Joan Princing Art said...

Now this tote is WAY TOO COOL!!

You really come up with some awesome tutorials.

Thank you so much.

martinealison said...

Une jolie publication azurée qui sent bon les vacances et la plage.
Gros bisous

lovesonic said...

what did you use for the handles?

HollyM said...

This is a really neat idea! I just saw some really cool duck tapes at our local office supply store that would go really well with this project.

Potiron said...

great project!!!

and I love your top/dress!!!

enjoy all your beachy fun!!!

Zoë said...

Great idea! If you had one of those tarps with the eyelets in the corners that would look really cool made as a bag!

Unknown said...

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