Thursday, September 15, 2011

inspiration- messy stitching



Craftcherry said...

Beautiful! I love the wordy stitching!

Juliette said...

I'm really getting into this style. I just dabbled in it for the first time this week when I did a applique fabric cover for a notebook I'm using: I definitely plan to try more of this!

Unknown said...

I really must try this one!

Alissa said...

Anyone out there: I have wanted to try "doodling" like this with my machine but had no success. The feed dogs only pull my fabric straight forward. Any suggestions for what I can do?

Anna said...

This looks like fun and it complements my journaling style. I'll have to give it a whirl.

Unknown said...

I love your freeform stitching! Mine gives me such a fit but youve inspired me to keep trying...and I probably need to pick up your book for hints!

Kathy said...

Makes me wish I had a sewing machine & knew how to use it:) I'm loving the stitched words and shapes. The sea life mobile and painting from yesterday's post are amazing too. Your little one is so lucky to have such a creative mom!

Unknown said...

All that amazing inspiration, my fingers and toes are itching to play and my machine is in hospital! Grrrrrrrr!

Rose Clearfield said...

Fun idea for a post!

Teddi said...

i read your interview on julie's blog! i loved it.

Dita Maulani said...

I have to buy the free embroidery foot for my sewing machine!


Anonymous said...

Very inspiring indeed! Love it :)

Adrian said...

Hey, Alisa who is having trouble with this free form stitching. You need to find the lever that lowers your feed dogs. No, nothing barks here, but every sewing machine in recent years has this capability. What it does is it lowers the teeth that carries fabric forward when you normally sew. If you lower them, nothing grabs your fabric.
If you have an old machine where this is just not possible, you need to figure out a way to cover those puppies under your needle, so you can move your fabric in any direction.
One tip- once you have those feed dogs muzzled, it helps to have either quilting gloves to give you better traction on the fabric, or put your fabric in a small embroidery hope and them move that around while you sew.
sigh. I hope, hope, hope you can find that release lever, because this kind of free form sewing is so much fun.
Another tip - if your fabric is flimsy, silky or fine, you need to stabilize it for a good smooth result. There are special stabilizers at your cloth store, or just put a piece of printer paper under your cloth. That will work too, mostly. Unless of course you are going for a really, funky, pulled fabric look, then don't bother.
Good luck to you.
If you want to talk more, e-mail me at I hope our favorite artist Alisa won't mind. Boy oh boy, do we all need to get her new book. She is so fabulously creative and you can see all the wonderful painting she did on this posts fabrics. Oh, heaven, just heaven!

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Tessa said...

Great inspiration... let's see what i can do with it this weekend ;-)

Thankx for Sharing

xx Tessa

Much More Stuff said...

Whew, can't keep up with you girl!


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