Sunday, October 03, 2010

Updates From the Studio


Happy Monday friends! Things are buzzing around here and while I am tired (same ol' story- just tired from around the clock activity) there are all kinds of fun and exciting things to share. We got back from our short trip home to Oregon and I jumped right into more work on the book- I am heading back to my publisher in Colorado next week for more exciting things! Soon, very soon I hope to share some details!


As I am sure you already know, I have been picking away at transferring of all my online classes to their new sites. Man oh man this has been a time involved task (a few challenges that nearly made me pull out my hair!) but I am loving the new look and the new format so it is ALL worth it in the end. I only have a few more classes to transfer over and the task will be complete. Today two more classes "went live" - Adventurous Accessories and Hand Carved Stamps mini class and once again I am celebrating by offering $10 off on each of these classes.

These little sales are my way of saying thank you for the support and the understanding during this time of transition with my online classes!!



I don't typically play favorites but this class is really one of my favorite online classes- It is just a fun simple class that will get you thinking about ways to create your own unique (and colorful) accessories.

I am an accessories junkie and like everything else I create, the projects and techniques make use of everyday supplies, recycled materials, simple concepts to build upon to create your own unique accessories.

From hand painted scarves, altered hats to earrings, purses and jewelry- I will share all kinds of projects, techniques and inspiration to create your own handmade accessories.

Regular price- $50.00

After the $10 discount the class is $40.00 with unlimited access so you have all the time you want to create!

Visit my website for more information and to register-

Click Here



Screen shot 2010-10-04 at 11.24.51 AM

I always create my own stamps and often get asked how I go about the process. This mini workshop is for those who are beginners at stamp carving and are looking to learn the basics of carving with a heat tool and with carving tools. The mini online workshops that I offer are just a taste of a full version workshop- this is a technique class where you will learn a variety of ways to get started creating simple stamps. With a combination of videos, photos, and blog entries you will become a pro at making your own stamps!

PLEASE NOTE- This is a beginner level class- if you have experience in making stamps, this may be a repeat to you. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

regular price- $30.00

After the $10 discount the class is $20.00 with unlimited access so you have all the time you want to create!

Visit my website for more information and to register-

Click Here

hans carved stamps


I am thrilled to have work included in the first ever Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts - just in time for holiday projects. I created yardage of painted and silkscreened messy canvas for a "no sew" tote bag article by the FABULOUS Jodi Kahn! She made my canvas into an AMAZING tote bag with no sewing invloved.

AND... later this week I will be doing a giveaway with the tote bag and a copy of the CPS Gifts magazine so stay tuned!!


I've been making time to create a new series of artwork that I will turn into prints and cards available soon in my etsy shop. For a while I have been quietly working on new ideas with a new look and actually managed to fit in work on these ideas in between everything else going on. I love, love, love working on new things!


Speaking of etsy, I have a handful of things that will added to my shop later today- a limited supply of sling purses and I will be also be offering custom clutches and totes.

Slowly but surely, I will be adding all kinds of new things each week to keep the shop updated through the holidays- many of these creations will be limited edition or one-of-a- kind so keep your eyes peeled for new goodies!



KittyJ said...

WOWIE!!! I can't believe all the hard work you have been doing!!! I can't wait to see how the new classes look - the little peak of the stamp class page looks awesome! I'm looking forward to the new holiday class because that is the only one I have missed so far!!! I LOVE your peacock fabrics so I'm heading over to Etsy and I will keep my eyes peeled for your giveaway!
You are amazing!

laurie said...

so fun to see all that you have been up to. i can't wait to get my hands on the cps holiday mag. i am involved with so many projects and classes right now but when life slows down a bit i want to take one of yours.

Anita Van Hal said...

I've had my eye on that holiday mag as well! And, the ornament class is about the only class I haven't taken too! I'm thinking of making my own gifts this year...

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

As someone who has taken a couple workshops I say they are awesome, and you are so helpful for any questions! Also I have to send you a personal kudo...I ordered one of your specialized canvas bags over a year ago, and I continue to get HUGE compliments on it...and, just so you know...I always pass along your name!! Thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us...and CONGRATS on being in the new Cloth/Paper!...They are a great magazine to work with...I'll be in their Jan/Feb issue. YEA CLOTH/PAPER/SCISSORS!!

Jodi said...

Thanks for the great mention! It's so fun to "meet" you and discover your fantastic blog. I SO enjoyed working with your BEAUTIFUL canvas. Honestly, I kind of just wanted to hang that gorgeous design on my wall -- but it turned into such a neat bag! And good luck with all your projects! I lost myself reading your blog, and stumbled upon a post from earlier this year when you attacked your studio space ("What a difference a week makes" -- Feb) You've inspired me to sort out my crafting area -- It's a total disaster at the moment, and your post has motivated me! I'll let you know if I follow through:)

kendall said...

I can't live without tote bags either. And this one is lovely!

Unknown said...

I also love your artwork. I look forward to checking in everyday to see what's new. I thought long and hard about what accessorie I can't live without and it all came down to my canes. After a bad motorcycle accident at the Julian Apple Festival I had to rely on a cane for a while. I couldn't find any I liked so I started painting my own. "Support Yourself in Style" I say. Now even though I don't rely on them to walk I always keep one close by.


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