Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Updates from the Studio

After finishing my big order and meeting other deadlines, I am finally starting to slow down a little over here (which really is not that slow because I have problems moving slow!) I am taking a little lunch break at the moment while I wait for my next holiday tutorial to dry which I will be posting later today and wanted to post a few updates.

I am in the midst of adding a few more new things to my Etsy shop today and I will be taking orders and shipping up until Monday, December 21st before MAKE myself REALLY slow down and then head out to Oregon for the holiday.

Also a reminder that ALL of my online classes are available for registration at any time and there is no start or end date (except for the upcoming Graffiti Chic part 2 which I am currently filming and starts January 25th!) Lots of material, inspiration, 25-40 videos and more with unlimited access!

I am working on new ideas, teaching opportunities and directions for the new year and I want you- my readers and friends to feel free to offer ideas, requests and even unique teaching venues! Feel free to email!

I am now going to curl up with a big cup of hot chocolate and read the latest book by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino- Meeting in the Ladies Room. Tomorrow I will be blogging about the book so stay tuned!!


peggy said...

I love the short video's when you teach on line. I learn so much from them and they are short enough so you can go back again and again for each technique without watching one long video. I also like the fact that you share with us why you do what you do. Your one good teacher, better then some other ones on line. Peggy

jane eileen said...

Which, if any, of the current onliine classes would be the one where I could see how you make purses or clutches out of painted fused plastic bags, or did I just dream you did that? If you did that, and you don't have a class for it online, I would like to make that my suggestion. Also, I want to take you up on your offer to get the "secret code" back in to the first grafitti class. I feel like it is like a good book that I could read over and over and still have more to go back to, since I am sure I have barely scratched the surface there. Thanks, and enjoy your vacation.


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