Sunday, December 13, 2009

Everyone Deserves a Little Art

I can remember debating for a whole semester with one of my painting teachers about how unfair it was that art was not affordable for the common person. I thought that artists should be reasonable when they priced their artwork or at least have different options when setting the value of artwork- He thought when artists price their work higher it gave their work credibility. We went back and forth on this topic for months and to this day I still have not changed my mind on this topic- everyone deserves a little art!

Thankfully it seems as if a variety of resources (online resources, etsy, prints, etc) have made art and collecting art more accessible for everyone (not just those with money). For a long time I have wanted to begin a collection of my own and not neccessarily collecting for the sake of value but collecting things that speak to my heart and make me happy to look at! Over the last few months I started the process and one of my resolutions this year is to continue to add to my growing collection and support artist whose work I love! Here is a little preview of my ever growing wall of art.

Kitschy old poster from one of my favorite local haunts back at home.

Two FABULOUS graphic prints from one of my favorite etsy artists- Valentina

Prints from one of my most favorite people and artists Linda Woods- I have already decided that my art collection will have more work from Linda and lots of food images.

I recently found Amber Alexander through etsy and I am IN LOVE with her whimsical animal creations- every day when I pass by these three pictures- I smile :)

I am smitten for the tiny works of art from artist Tosya.

And my latest additions- this fabulous little original John Azoni- he has some really great wonderful paintings!

And the best for last- I finally purchased two amazing and whimiscal prints from Tascha. I cannot wait to get these frames and added to my collection!


Bel said...

what a gorgeous collection of art

Alison said...

I agree with Belinda. A great collection, and a wonderful philosophy. :-)

Kelly Berkey said...

What a darling collection and how wonderful that you were right that art would one day become affordable to everyone!
Love your work!

Linda Woods said...

I want to live at your house! What an amazing collection of art. I am so honored to be included on your wall. THANK YOU so much :)

DesertNana said...

now thats an amazing collection!

John Azoni said...

Thanks for the plug! Love the collection! You've got some really great stuff. I like those mini portraits a lot.

Anna Schüler said...

thanks for sharing. i'm a collector myself and love to have works of other artist arround me too.
best regards from germany

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

I moved into a smaller innercity house, my new Greek neighbour came in, through her hands in the air in a very Mediterranean fashion and exclaimed "Too much stuff!"
Maybe she is right but my art works give me such joy. Aren't we lucky!


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