Thursday, September 10, 2009

Updates from the Studio

I am happy to report that my cold is almost gone (thanks to the gallons of liquid I have been drinking) but I have been struggling with a spell of creative A.D.D! I am not sure if it is just my long list of things that I need to accomplish or if I really am having problems focusing on one thing at a time but I am all over the place. I seem to have my hands in all a kinds of projects and just when I cross something off the list five more things pop up to replace it!

So here are a few updates from the studio:

I have designated time each day for working on original art (for the wall). While I will turn them into prints to sell and maybe let go of a couple originals- the process is really for my sanity and has been just what I need to be reminded of where I began my journey- simply as a painter who loved to paint and I am longing more and more to return to that place.

Check out the latest copy of Quilting Arts Gifts!! It is packed full of so many fabulous sewing projects (one of which is by yours truly ;) on super funky and cute bird ornaments!) Projects by Melanie Testa, Kelli Perkins, Jane Davila and lots more fiber artists that share inspiration and projects for your handmade holiday gifts!

The latest Somerset Workshop hits stands on October 1st and I am SO excited to have my work on the cover!! My section is on canvas - of course- but there are brand new projects and ideas- I got a little preview and it looks amazing!!

I am getting so close being done with new stuff for my etsy shop- like clutches and totes as well as custom close bear with me!

....and last but not least...I am just about done updating and revamping my website which is long overdue! I have no idea why it is taking my so long- maybe because I am doing everything myself and I am totally picky but it is about ready to go live!!


jane eileen said...

Congrats on all the press, especially the cover! Your most recent photos are amazing. I never get tired of seeing what you've been creating.

Melissa M (Lagaz) said...

I had just seen the cover of the Somerset Mag...I so want it! Congrats Alisa :) And I'm glad you're getting over your cold.

The Adventurous Art Teacher said...

Never doubt your hearts desire. Look at all the amazing things that are flowing your way.
Love that one head line,you certainly do rock and your my favorite teacher.

anna maria said...

Congratulations on the magazine coverage. Your painting with the blue flower looks beautiful, from what I can see of it!

Flying Whale said...

i covet that tote ;)

jodi of the creative JAR said...

congrats - love the flower pieces

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