Friday, September 04, 2009

How Connected We Are

There is nothing better than making a new friend! When I quit my job back in June to work for myself, my biggest fear was that I would not make any new friends, never leave my studio and slowly turn into a hermit! I really should have been worried about other things like making a living but I am happy to say my fears have not come true! In fact I have been more social in the last three months than I ever could have imagined! Last weekend my husband and I ran into Edie- an art friend from New York who took one of my online classes. She happened to be vacationing in San Diego and happened to recognize me as we were walking into a Del Mar bagel shop for breakfast (after getting super rockstar front row parking- which by the way, almost never happens for us in Del Mar!) Long story short- Edie and I ended up going to lunch yesterday and it was wonderful to spend time with another like minded creative soul- we brainstormed, shared creative ideas and ate some really yummy fish tacos. Running into Edie reminded me how connected we are as a creative community, how important it is to get out of the studio and how wonderful it it to make new friends...THANK YOU EDIE!!

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