Thursday, June 11, 2009

Graffiti Clutch

I had to share these lovely photos that Lara (an Etsy customer and fabulous artist) took of the hope graffiti clutch that she purchased. These photos perfectly capture the vibe of my purses...LOVE THEM!!! Thank you Lara!!!!!!!!!


Ludid said...

I am taking a vacation pretty soon. It's important for me to take an art travel kit with me just in case. Looked through what I own and did not find what I needed. Ah ha! I actually bought one of the pouches and look forward to receiving it. How exciting!

Lara said...

Again, I'm so glad you like the pictures! And I'm sure that guy would not have minded that I used his car had he seen the amazing art I was photographing. Truly the perfect vibe. Can't wait for your book to get here!
xo Lara

The Dreaming Bear said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing! Got my messy journal in the mail the other day...can't wait to start writing and painting in it! Thank you!

Ellie said...

I think I would definitely take all kinds of pictures if I came across a car like that!


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