Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tips for Painting on Fused Plastic

I have received more questions regarding my CPS article on recycled handbags- about painting on fused plastic. Depending on the paint that you use and the way you treat the surface, your paint can flake but there are ways to create a colorful and layered surface on the fused plastic and ways to keep it from flaking.

Here are a few tips that I can offer-

1. Use silkscreen ink in place of paint. I have had the most success with no FLAKING and will typically paint my first layer and then painting on top of it with either acrylic paint or even paint with the silkscreen ink. Speedball makes a great affordable ink in a lovely variety of colors.

2. Don't limit yourself to just painting on the surface of your fused plastic- try painting on canvas or fabric and the cut out shapes or strips of your painted material and sew it directly onto the surface of the fused plastic.

3. Try the opposite- cut up your fused plastic and use strips and shapes to sew onto canvas or fabric.

4. Try using permanent markers in place of paint to journal or draw all over your fused plastic.

5. Paint the surface of the fused plastic and fuse another clear piece of plastic over the top.


Penney said...

I absolutely love making paper from the plastic bags! I was very successful using metallic acrylic paint on mine with no flaking. I used a heavy layer and then sewed on top. Thank you for the inspiration!

Camille Robinson said...

Thanks so much for the inspiration! It was a project I want to do again. I had a lot of fun.


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