Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Art Unraveled 2009

I am happy to announce that classes are up on the Art Unraveled  so if you are interested in taking a class from either myself or gaggle of SUPER talented artists please go check it out!! I am happy to be teaching two brand new classes and would love if you joined me!

There is nothing more energizing and liberating than working big and this class will introduce you to working larger than life with canvas and paint. Forget about being confined by the size of your surface and start embracing what it feels like to get inside of your paintings. We will experiment with working on the floor to the wall to reaching, crawling and stretching around our large canvas to get up close and personal with the creative process. You will learn a variety of messy and beautiful painting and collage techniques to use on a large surface. Alisa will share a number of useful exercises for creating a large composition - from free writing to using graffiti to finding your artistic voice, be prepared to go big!!!

A unique clutch made entirely from recycled materials and covered in messy paint is the perfect accessory for any artist. From fusing plastic bags to transforming junk mail to altering cereal boxes- this class will challenge you to rethink your materials and supplies and will introduce you to different ways to create “mixed media fabric” that can be painted, sewn and transformed into a unique and one of a kind clutch handbag. Come prepared to learn lots of quick and easy ways to make over household trash with paint, freewriting, sketching,and all kinds of simple but colorful techniques.  This is a two part class that will include both mixed media/painting techniques and sewing!

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