Thursday, October 30, 2008

To ArtFiberFest With LoVe...

I am now back to San Diego, back to our little home, back to my lonely husband, back to my day job, back to more creative projects....and despite catching a cold, I am feeling unusually refreshed, empowered and full of hope. A few years ago I decided to explore a different path with my art- After teaching art workshops for college students I discovered a love for sharing my knowledge, my crazy creative process and myself with others...(which goes against my typically shy and quiet nature) I found a new confidence that came with interacting and sharing my passion-where there was no fear, no insecurity only the feeling of a fit. Teaching became my goal and I have been rewriting my journey as an artist ever since. After teaching lots of smaller classes Teesha took a chance on me by accepting my proposal to teach at ArtFiberFest- here I was a fine artist and painter with an idea to teach painting and how to cut up canvas paintings up and sew them into something new at a fiber venue! I have to share with all of you out there how much is meant to be embraced and how wonderful it was to have the opportunity to share my process with you. Ruth wrote on her blog that teaching for her is intoxicating and I completely agree!!! It was magical watching everyone find their voice in each of their classes and in each of their projects. It was inspiring to see so many people with different backgrounds and experiences come together and bond over the one thing we all have in common and that is an uncontrollable desire to create and connect with others who create. To top off my experience I made the trip alone- which was not the original plan- The plan was to have my husband join me for a little R&R and assist me with all my stuff- which all went down the tube when he was called into work and couldn’t make it. It is funny, I used to do everything by myself with no fear but being settled and married I have learned to depend on him to catch and assist me when I am nervous or afraid. This was not an option this time and it is funny because making the trip out to Port Townsend, with a car load of stuff, not knowing anyone (except Ruth) and jumping into my first retreat teaching experience felt like a big deal to me and I have to be honest-I didn’t want to do it alone!!! But in this new little adventure, I found a piece of myself that I lost a long time ago...don’t get me wrong my hubby is actually a feminist and supports anything I do but being married sometimes your lose yourself a bit and it is easy to forget how empowering it is to conquer something on your own. Being alone through this whole trip brought me more confidence, courage and hope that the things that I am working for (no matter how big) are attainable even by myself!! The whole experience was unique and special and I have to thank Teesha and Tracy and Tiphoni for creating a venue for wonderful things to happen! It brought a new confidence, a renewal, an opportunity to find myself in a different way. I look forward to more time spent teaching and connecting with more creative people out there- everyone of you inspire me!!!

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nadia said...

so wonderful to hear your excitement about teaching. wish I could have been there and maybe someday I will be fortunate enough to take a class from you. and YOU inspire me! LOVE your book!


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