Monday, October 27, 2008

ArtFiberFest Highlights and Shouts

It is Tuesday and I am FINALLY relaxing at home (parent's house on the Oregon Coast). I have been taking time to organize all of my thoughts and pictures from ArtFiberFest to share on my blog. I must say that I had such a wonderful time having the opportunity to teach at a fiber venue was like a dream come true for me because it means that I was able to make the transition from a fine artist and painter into fiber territory- love it! The best part was meeting so many wonderful, creative and open people. I spend so much of my creative time either alone or often with people who are just not like minded- so to get to spend 5 days with individuals who love the same thing was so nice and a comfort to me!

Highlights and Shout OuTs- in No Particular Order!!!

All of my students being SOOOOOOOOOO open to my "no rules" rule and "limited direction" style of teaching.

***Watching Heather create a super cool graffiti purse complete with and ball and chain strap- LOVE IT!!!

***Getting to meet the lovely and amazing Liz- love her beautiful blog and all of her creations are ALL gorgeous eye candy!

***Watching Gail let go and have fun with paint...and even make a mess-

*** Exploring Downtown Port Townsend

Beach combing by myself in the wee hours of the morning.

***watching everyone go wild with spray paint and stencils
***watching the the yellow leaves fall from the trees

***Seeing all of the amazing purses that my students created from their own graffiti paintings-

***Spending time having fun with Ruth Rae...I love Ruth even the the bathroom is fun with her!!!

***Listening to the haunted toilet flush in Seminar room

***Loved staying in a scaring but funky captains house!
***Meeting Lisa Engelbrecht- she is the sweetest and most talented rebel calligrapher!!!


Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

Alisa, we LOVED you and your class. I am wearing my cuff every day! I can't wait to make more and finish up my purse. You had better keep coming back to AFF!! HUGS!!

Jennifer Perkins said...

I want to take one of your classes they look so fun! Got a request for a photoshoot at Seventeen Magazine today for cute purses so I am sending one of yours that I STILL don't have on my website. I'll be sure to get you full credit if they shoot it!


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