Thursday, March 06, 2008

Push Pause

This last week has been spent running in all sorts of directions- from busy work filled days at my job, to home buying responsibilities, to some AMAZING opportunities that have recently come up with custom purses (that I will share later) to getting the last draft of my book to review.....I feel like jumping in and out of all these different worlds, knowing in the back of my mind there will be an end to this juggling act and if I can just keep up the momentum a little longer I will make it through. Today, I had to take a breather and I stepped out of my office to admire the sunny day, the blue sky, the blooming tree outside the door and I had to snap some photos just to remind myself that it is ok to pause.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

and you know sometimes you just have to do that. Know the feeling right now! If it weren't insanely hot right now, I would be doing the same!


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