Monday, March 17, 2008

Everything Mixed Together

I try really hard to only focus on my creative endeavors in my blog but it seems that the last couple of weeks everything going on in my life has been all mixed together to make for just about the most intense balancing act I have ever attempted- though I don't want to bore readers with the daily happenings that don't involve my journey as an artist- I cannot help but include them in this post since everything has been smashed into one big stressful glob!!

1. I finished my final author review for my book and seeing all of the pictures and layout just makes me even more excited for it to be completed but so challenging to know this is the last time I see it all before it is final...YIKES!!

2. Exciting opportunity to create a tote for a lovely person who works here- talk about pressure...more details to come!

3. The bulk of my craziness has come from my day job- my boss came down with pneumonia which meant the installation of our gallery exhibition fell on my lap and all last week was spent in these galleries- trying to place art, moving things around, sweeping, cleaning, formatting checklists, etc, etc, etc ugghhh- an INCREDIBLE task for little ol' me.
4. Lots of running back and forth to the San Diego Museum of Art to drop off/pick up artwork loan paper work..uggghh!

5. More house buying stuff- man this process is like another full time job!! Last week it was the inspection, paperwork, paperwork and then crunching numbers and more paperwork- there went my evenings!!

6. And last but not least- I turned 33 on Friday (March 14th) there was not a lot of time to celebrate just enough to fit in dinner with my hubby and bro at my favorite Restaurant- Tofu House- there is nothing like yummy Korean soup for comfort after a crazy couple of weeks!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Alisa!!!

kelly rae said...

we are the same age. omg!

violette said...

Happy Birthday Alisa! HOpe you had a good one!

Love, Violette
p.s. my daughter is one and a 1/2 years younger than you...ack!


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