Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bad Back

So once again I have been absent from my blog...sigh.....but this time it was not because of being busy it is because I threw my back out and have literally been out of it, barely moving, barely walking, stuck on the couch with a heating pad and the remote control and lots of advil.  I can't figure out if it is from hours of sitting in an odd position while sewing or crawling around on the floor for hours while I paint or from my bad fall last weekend (see entry below) or just because I am getting old.  I will be turning 33 in a couple of weeks and maybe this is what happens- I don't know- but I have been miserable and finally today I was able to walk and move and finally got around to taking lots of pics of all sorts of fun stuff I have been working on- including some purses for my etsy shop which I am going to try and post tomorrow.  Life has a funny way of working- I have been working so hard, running around trying to juggle a million things and when I am not smart enough to stop to take care of myself- my body literally makes me stop!! I have gotten more relaxation, peace and calm in the last few days of pain and lack of movement than I have in the last 6 months so in a strange way thank goodness for my bad back!!


Anonymous said...

Shoot--sorry to hear you've been in pain. I hope you feel better soon!

LindaM said...

I just found your blog, beautiful work! Take care of yourself! Get up and stretch now and then.I also don't think you are old! Try being 44!


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