Thursday, February 21, 2008

Attack of the Reoccurring Mess

This is the story of my life right now- my creativity, paint and projects have spilled into every nook and cranny of our tiny apartment- literally! Something that looks so simple, like paint splattered, dripped and swiped across canvas is really a complicated and messy process especially when you don’t have lots of space. Our little extra bedroom is packed to the ceiling with purses, fabric, paint, sewing machines, and enough crap to make your head spin!

The biggest space issue seems to be the guest bed that is about 5 feet high (with great storage underneath) but it has evolved into yet another surface for working and keeping piles of canvas, paperwork and projects on-

this eyesore proved to be quite dangerous recently- this weekend I was up on the bed opening the window and I literally slipped on a pile of canvas fell all the way off the 5ft bed, hitting my work chair on the way down- unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of this episode since I was all alone with a confused cat watching me from the hallway as if I was insane-but I do have bruises and a sore body from this terrible fall!!

Now that my art room has become so crowded I can barely paint in it- I have moved to the kitchen floor- I am much more comfortable working on the floor anyway so this is a corner in the kitchen that has become another work surface.

And where do you put purses wet with paint and yards of canvas dripping with color when they need to dry when you are living in 525 square feet??? Well anywhere they will fit like in the shower or on the tops of doors or on our bed frame or even on the curtain pole in between the living room and hallway!

This creative mess has literally gotten out of control and I feel like I am living inside of a box- a paint box!! But with all of this said, we are hopefully counting down the days until this changes- I am glad to announce that we entered into escrow yesterday with the condo that we want, it is NOT huge but it is at least a quite a bit more space with an amazing ocean view but superstitious me doesn’t want to jinx it by talking too much about it but will definitely be so EXCITED when this stage in out lives becomes a little less messy!!


Anonymous said...

i am soooo glad it is not just me who has a studio in this condition!! what a relief!

Anonymous said...

What lovely Clutter! LOVE IT!
So glad to have met you at CHA!
I will be reading daily- and look forward to your posts my dear!
J a n e

Anke Martin said...

Hi, really enjoyed browsing/webpage through your blog. I already saw your book coming soon at amazon, now I know I will definetly get it. Enjoy creating, smiles Anke ;)

Anke Martin said...

Ups, I ment browsing through your blog/webpage.......... ;)

Our Hands For Hope said...

oh my i can kids have moved out, their bedrooms have been taken over into studio now we have an office in what is suppose to be the dining room (once a kids bedroom) living room now "official studio space...bedroom 1... sewing room, bedroom of all the important stuff. Only one more child at home...hummm...what will that room become?
Love your purses!


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