Monday, September 18, 2006

What a Weekend!

What a weekend it was! I have been asked to give a gallery/museum tour of Laguna Beach for the University of San Diego Board of Trustees at the end of September so on Saturday I had to drive up and do a little research. Let me just say, I am not a California gal...I am from Oregon and though I live in San Diego, does not mean I am completely comfortable here. Laguna Beach is like San Diego on steroids...don't get me wrong it is scenic and beautiful but it is a wee bit upscale and snooty for my simple taste. So my day trip was stressful because I kept getting frustrated with the shiny cars cutting me off and the designer sunglasses and the fake hair...i kept thinking about the stupid MTV reality show Laguna Beach...ugggg!! But I did my research and had a lovely time at the Laguna Art Museum.

Saturday when I finally made it back from the bumper to bumper traffic...
Andy and headed to Coronado for a sunset walk on the beach and a stroll through town It was a lovely evening and jsut what I needed after a day in the OC!! Sunday I worked on art and uploading lots and lots of pictures for the web, Andy and I made a Costco trip and then back for more artwork. We finished off the evening by watching the Amazing of my favorite reality shows!!


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