Thursday, September 14, 2006


So up until recently I have used my blog as a place to put artwork. I have been procrastinating for the last year about getting my web site up and running and I have finally done it!! Amazing! So now my blog will be what a blog is meant to journal, my thoughts, my ramblings! This entry is the beginning of more posts and more updates.

A few updates in my life-About 5 months ago I took a step down from my position as the Marketing Coordinator in the Office of Planned Giving at USD~ at the time it felt like a gamble, giving up a job that I had worked up to and worked hard at for a while and where I had a lot of freedom to use design and marketing. But in the long run, it was just not creative enough for me and I also needed a day job that could provide more free time and healthier state of mind to focus on all of the wonderful creative opportunities that have come my way in the last year. And since I cannot support myself and on art alone..YET, I still have to work a day job. But the decision to step down was the best I have made, I work with a wonderful boss in a great office where the two of us get to manage all of the galleries on campus, we get to decorate all of the interiors on campus and are responsible for the all of the exterior design. Not to mention it has freed up a lot of my time to focus on art as well as my other position working with students at USD.

So needless to say I am pretty busy but thankfully I still have time for my art and have found a place in my life to pursue my creative endeavors. In a couple of I will appear as a weeks I will traveling up to Burbank to tape and apear as a guest on a brand new DIY show called Craft Lab I am excited for an opportunity like this!! So life is looking good, I am busier than ever but things feel like they are moving forward in the direction that I have been working towards...yippee!!


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