Wednesday, July 08, 2015

boho jeans

Recently I was cleaning out my closet and came across a pair of flair jeans that I forget I had! Since I love a pattern on just about anything, I thought it would be transform them with painted pattern into a pair of boho jeans.

I purchased the flair jeans from Target a couple of years ago and I thought they would be perfect for this project because they have a bell bottom vibe. 

There are all kinds of materials you could use for this project- a bleach pen, fabric paint, fabric markers but I decided to use 3-D paint (otherwise known as puff paint). My regular readers will know that I LOVE puff paint- it is affordable, versatile and perfect to use on fabric projects.
I almost always freehand my pattern but you could start by lightly sketching out your design. I began drawing designs with my paint.

If you squeeze the bottle, your design will end up with a raised (or puffy) design. For this project I did not want my pattern to be puffy. Instead I wanted things to be a little more subtle so I used this little trick that I call "puff paint printing".

I folded the other leg over, used my brayer to press everything down and then pulled it away. You are left with light/not puffy design.

I used this technique all over until both legs were covered in pattern. The result is a super funky makeover for an old pair of jeans.


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