Wednesday, July 23, 2014

wood slice coasters

After spending months landscaping our backyard we ended up with lots of branches that were trimmed from trees and I've been saving them for future projects. Recently I had andy cut some slices for me that I transformed into some colorful coasters. 

I obsessed with color which means I am obsessed with the color wheel so I painted my own loose interpretation of the color wheel on each wood slice. Optional: coat wood with a clear polyurethane.


  1. So colorful! Wonderful!

  2. So FUN, CLEVER and cool!

  3. I loved the opposition of finished, colored sections of the branches against the untouched trunk part. They look beautiful.

  4. Seriously amazing! I love your colors!

  5. Waiting to see if you do any wood burning on them!

  6. Alisa!
    I love your blog posts. They are so colorful and happy, and I am always inspired to create after I finish browsing your site. I also enjoy your home DIY Projects. I always have wondered how you store your supplies-paint, brushes, etc.
    Thanks for sharing your creative life with us!

  7. Very unique, very creative



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