Friday, July 18, 2014

fashion friday- birkenstocks 3 ways

I'm not sure if you got the memo but Birkenstocks are back in style! I actually never knew they were out of style because I've been a Birkenstock customer since I was fifteen.

While they aren't the prettiest of shoes- I just don't care! As a gal who's feet and back are destroyed from years of wearing heels, Birkenstocks are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Today I am sharing three different ways that I style my Birkenstocks-

hat:,  kimono: forever21, t-shirt: from Disneyland, jean shorts: thrifted from WAYYY back in high school

Birkenstocks work really well with causal boho outfits. I love wearing them with my favorite cutoff jean shorts, a comfy tee and a flowy kimono.

slip dress: forever 21

During summer months I love wearing my Birkenstocks with slip dresses. Paired with colorful accessories you have the perfect outfit for a warm summer evening!

jean jacket: Old Navy, white button up shirt: Target, cropped pants: Target, necklace: PolishedTwo

Once in a while I throw together a casual but polished (and less boho) outfit when I have errands to run or have business engagements and my Birks are the perfect shoe for heading out and about.


jabbott said...

You have good dress sense, I like outfit 3 the best x

Elisabetta Brustio said...

Very Summer Look: colorful, practical & comfortable!

Mrs. C said...

I have many, many pairs of Birkenstocks! They are my go to shoe for comfort! I have worn them since college ( many moons ago! ) I have a pair for every outfit! Even black patent leather! :)

Unknown said...

Love the fun looks you have here, make me want to have a pair of tan birkenstocks :)

ps. I'm taking your Createdaily class now and really enjoy it. I especially love what you talk about time management, very helpful :)

TJ said...

For years I lived in Germany and the neighbors would cringe every time I wore my Birks outside the house. Over there they are strictly "house shoes" (slippers). I tried my best to start a fad and told them all what they were missing but they wouldn't have it. "You look like you're shopping in your slippers" they would tease me. Long live Birkenstocks!! If there are enough of us wearing them we could change the world... LOL!

Anonymous said...

You are just too cute. I used to be a lot more creative and experimental with my wardrobe but years of being back in an office job sucked it out of me. I've just recently begun to mix it up some - since I'm in an office job where I'm pretty sure they won't care if I get a little funky, why not?! Happy Friday, Alisa!

Kim said...

I too am a Birkenstock wearer. I love how they feel and if it is on my feet it is all about comfort.

katooshie said...

Very cute, honey! As a fashion stylist, I am seriously impressed with your individuality in the way you personalize and mix your pieces. Just lovely and wonderful to see! :) Katooshie

Jolana said...

Great tips!!! This shoes are my favourite, so thanks so much for these fashion tips :) Jolana

Anonymous said...

they look great on you and you wear it well

necklace said...

this necklace is very unique, very creative


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