Tuesday, July 08, 2014

the art of chasing a dream

I can't remember a time in my life without art and around age 7, it was pretty clear that when I grew up I wanted to be an artist and my parents supported this endeavor my entire life. By the time high school hit, I had already been selling and showing my work and my identity was wrapped up in being "that quiet girl that made art". I went on to college to study painting and printmaking, grew my creative resume, continued showing my work and bounced from one creative jobs and projects to another. Insert 15 more years of juggling a day job with making, selling art and teaching workshops and here I am today successfully working for myself as an artist. I've had tons of experiences, lots of ups and downs and learned some amazing lessons. While I am not an expert, I am a determined gal who has spent over 20 years chasing after the dream of being a self employed artist and I have all kinds of tips and advice floating around in my head. Today I am sharing a peek into some of my experiences and sharing some of the most important lessons I have learned about chasing after a dream!

Just a word of warning: There are 9 videos in this post and I talk a lot and share A LOT of information so it might take a while to get through this post :)

    art of chasing 1 from Alisa Burke on Vimeo.

art of chasing conclusion from Alisa Burke on Vimeo.

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