Wednesday, June 25, 2014

the evolution of an idea

I love the process of inspiration- seeing something that gives me an idea and then transforming that idea into art never gets old to me, in fact it is my favorite part of the creative process!

Recently I was doing a little yard work at my studio and after weeks of sunny days, I had a crop (like hundreds) of pansies that had grown in the gravel. I had to pull many of them out and after filling a couple of baskets, I felt that spark of inspiration begin to happen!

I plucked the flower off the stems and photographed the the piles of pansies.

I then used those photos as inspiration for a sketchbook page.

I used that sketchbook page to design for more products in my Society6 shop.

There was no way I could throw out all those flower so I pressed and dried them

and will be using them in future projects!

There you have it: inspiration, the gift that keeps on giving!


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