Wednesday, March 19, 2014

for the love of daffodils

Living in Oregon we get A LOT of rain and this time of year can often feel like the rain will never end! But amidst the clouds, the grey, the puddles, the flooding and the mud, the evidence of spring is beginning to emerge. 

The first sign of spring around these parts is always the daffodils! And though it is still raining, the hills, the pastures, the roadside flower stands are all filled with daffodils!

I've been buying up as many daffodils that I can (they are around $1.00 at the roadside stands) and using them with Lucy in our daily learning and creative activities like talking about the color yellow, learning about bulbs, drawing shapes, we even made flower crowns to welcome spring!  

How perfect that when the rain the and grey sky can't get more unbearable, we are blessed with something so bright and beautiful to kick off spring?!

Please note: Daffodils are actually poisonous, especially the bulbs (crazy right?) and when eaten can cause unpleasant stomach issues. I feel like I have to include this info for all the mamas out there. While daffodils are wonderful to enjoy, keep them out of babies and toddlers mouths!


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