Thursday, March 13, 2014

a canvas giveaway!

Once upon a time (sometime in 2006) I was attending a wedding and couldn't find a purse that I liked to go with my little black dress. So I grabbed one of my messy graffiti paintings, ripped it off the stretcher bars and sewed it into a clutch. Little did I know that this moment would COMPLETELY change the direction of my creative career! I suddenly discovered an entirely new process- creating paintings on canvas and fabric and remixing them into all kinds of accessories. I loved that a piece of art could be completely redefined! Soon after, I wrote a book all about transforming painted canvas in to all kinds of things.

For the past 7 years I have been making all kinds of things out of canvas, I've taught gazillions of classes and written numerous articles about painting and remixing canvas and I never ever get tired of the thrill I get from cutting up canvas paintings and turning them into something new!

So today I am sharing my love of canvas with you! I am giving away 3 canvas gift packages that will include-

A signed copy of my book Canvas Remix.
A canvas messy pouch (filled with a few of my favorite supplies). 
A little package of painted canvas scraps to play with!

Leave me a comment- tell me one thing you are grateful for today!
I will randomly select 3 winners and announce tomorrow (Friday)

WOOD BURNING KIT GIVEAWAY WINNERS- email me at with your mailing address and we will drop your prize in the mail!


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