Wednesday, June 19, 2013

how does your garden grow?

One of the items on my bucket list has been to grow food in a garden. My mom is an amazing gardener and I have watched and envied her gardens for years and I have been dreaming about the day when I could walk out into our yard and pick herbs and vegis for our cooking. With our move back to Oregon we were able to make this dream come true and over the last month have SLOWLY started the process of landscaping our 1/4 acre lot. 

The first project to tackle (this year) was the front yard. Since our soil is very rocky and full of clay we decided to built some raised bed planter boxes for our edible garden. We have the perfect spot next to driveway that gets lots of sun and was just begging for a little raised bed garden. 

My husband Andy (the brains and the muscle) got to work making the raised beds. Here is a look at the plans that he drew up for our project-

We have been filling the planter boxes with edibles and I've had to do a little moving and shifting of things that we grow because these guys (below) and their friends (that live in in our neighborhood) ate our first harvest of kale, lettuce and arugula. I knew it was risky to grow all the greens without netting but I had to try!

We went back to the drawing table and our solution was to built some smaller planter boxes for our deck where we have moved all of our lettuce and greens and kept more of the deer proof plants in the front- but when you live with deer you learn that nothing is really seems to be deer proof!

While everything is still in the beginning stages, things are doing well (gardening can be tricky on the coast) we've already been able to harvest lots of herbs for cooking, lettuce and kale! I can't wait to see how our garden grows as summer progresses! We'll keep you updated so stay tuned!


  1. This looks really perfect for me, its good for children to sea something grow and it reminds me to plant my herbs and salad asap!

  2. It is so rewarding to be able to eat something you've grown yourself. I have the tiniest balcony and I'm growing lettuce, radishes and carrots. The carrots will obviously take a while, but I've already had enough for a side salad with raddish and it was amazing!

  3. How lovely.
    I dream of the day I will be able to have a garden as well!
    I find it calming to work in the garden (my parents got a garden), rather therapeutic I think.

  4. I have been asking for years now if my husband could make me some raised beds to grow veggies and herbs but he's just not the man for jobs like that. Maybe with the directions you're so kind to show us here I can try it myself..... First translate it in Dutch and try to understand it all. Your raised beds look so beautiful and delicious! Just at noon(it's now 1:30 PM here) we were talking about how I'd love to grow my own veggies, and now I see this post of yours. What an amazing coincidence!

  5. It looks like a wonderful green oasis with coloured spots !
    I have only rhubarb and some berries in the garden and we don´t have a big harvest, but the whole family loves to pick something and eat it that we grew in our garden with our hands. And we are sure there is no pesticide on it.
    And what I always wanted to say : Your Lucy is so cute. I love to see the pictures of her, "helping" you or being an artist like you ! I´m looking forward every morning to see news on your blog.

  6. The deer are plentiful here in Ohio and I have been changing over my landscaping to plants they won't eat. I wanted to grow spinach so I planted a pot of seeds and it is in my living room! If the deer don't get the plants then the chipmunks or squirrels will so my only choice is an indoor garden.

  7. We have a garden - broccoli, grape tomatoes, basil, oregano, potatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, rosemary, onions/scallions. Last year we had red cabbage but the plants were so large we didn't plant them again this year.

  8. How wonderful! Good luck with your garden! I used to live in TX and i know the difficulties of trying to keep the varmits away... :)....

    Isn't it kind of strange to grow your edibles in the FRONT yard? I always just think of the front yard for flowers....
    Hugs! deb

  9. Lovely gardens and great for kids of ALL ages. *insert smile here
    I have three raised beds and each one is full this year. One with squashes and sunflowers, one with herbs and flowers, one with all kinds of vegy's inside, cauliflower, broc, onions, potatoes, sugar peas, scarlet runners, spinach and strawberries! YUMMY.
    My favorite subject for photos are my animals (so far). Thanks for the chance Alisa.
    Victoria, BC

  10. This is completely off topic, but guess what! We are taking our family vacation to Oregon this year. We're renting a little house in Seaside for a week, and last night I signed up for the fall edition of You, Me, and the Sea! *happy dance*

  11. Try Rosemary in pots next to your garden... I guess the deer don't like it. (If you grow it in with the other plants it will kill them off - it has quite the invasive roots.)

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    Beijos Marie.

  13. livethegoldenrule5:02 PM

    Very, very beautiful! Good job Andy ;D

  14. Anonymous4:10 AM

    I recommend a book, square foot gardening by Mel Bartholomew. One can teach the world to feed themselves in a very tiny space. I have been gardening for years, I would have lined the beds, made the edges wider for easy sitting ( one can make them wheel chair height as well), had no more than 8 inches of soil. These are great for frost covering and creating mini green houses in early Spring (a cold frame). And finally a beautiful garden; there is nothi g better. We had sautéed kale and garlic and Italian sausage.

  15. oh..splendid garden and so nice photo of your place...thanks...I am not a gardener but i can see how you have the passion...

  16. What an awesome post! Love the pics too. I was going to do the same thing in my herb garden - spell out the name of each herb on a little river rock. Cute! Makes me want to get out in my garden right now! Warmest, Jeannine

  17. Aw that's so awesome and I love the plans.. Too bad about the deer, but gardening can definitely be a trial & error.

  18. I started with my own raised beds last year and love love love them. Using some creative trellising I've been able to extend the 'edges' of the beds. For the deer and critters, you might try your local hair salon. Ask them to save the hair and sprinkle it around the beds. It's worked wonderfully for my bunny issues. Wishing you the best in your farming endeavors :D



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