Tuesday, June 18, 2013

a peek into snap shot delight & a giveaway!

My latest class Snap Shot Delight goes live this Friday, June 21st! I've had so much fun creating this class and am excited to share all of my favorite creative tips and techniques  for taking photos. I can't give everything away but I wanted to share a little peek into one of my lessons on capturing details- below are two of my favorite EASY ways to take macro photographs.

P.S. I'm giving away 5 free spots in the class! Scroll to the bottom of the post for details on how to win!

Did you know that you can reverse your lens so that the back points outward and the front points inward? Its a really economic alternative to buying an expensive macro lens- there are all kinds of adapters and reverse rings for the process. Using a reverse ring is the "correct" way to reverse your lens but I actually don't own a reverse ring! Years ago I was teaching myself to take macro photographs and I had every intention of ordering a reverse ring for my camera but I started experimenting with taking photos without an adaptor. I tend to break lots of rules and am always trying to find fast ways to get results so I started experimented with reversing my lens and then tightly holding it in place to take macro photos. It worked so well for me that I never got around to ordering my reverse ring!
The key to this technique is holding your lens as tight as possible so that you are not letting light in. It is also best to have a steady hand since focussing depends on you and how close you are to the subject matter.

I typically have to take a handful of photos to get something that I like and I do a lot of fiddling with my light to get a shot that I am happy with. 

But the result is pretty darn wonderful and after practice, really easy and great for on the go macro photos!

These days there are ALL sorts of really neat bells and whistles you can incorporate into your camera phone photography, it seems you don't even need a fancy DSLR camera!
My favorite tool when taking macro photos with my iphone is a "macro cell lens band". 
 It's basically a rubber band with a built in macro lens (a plastic magnifying glass) it works with any mobile phone and is SUPER easy to use to capture the tiniest of details! 

I own a couple of these little bands and try to keep one in my purse and one the in car so I am able to take a macro shot at any time!

The result is BEAUTIFUL macro photos that are perfect inspiration for color, texture and pattern!

Class is on sale for $30 until June 22nd!
For all the details on Snap Shot Delight head on over to my SHOP

I am giving away 5 free spots in class! 
Leave me a comment- tell me your favorite subject matter to photograph
I'll randomly draw 5 names and announce the winners this weakend!

Class is on sale for $30 until 


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