Thursday, June 06, 2013

a peek inside my office

I spent over fifteen years working in an office and I spent most of those fifteen years working as some kind of an assistant (administrative assistant, executive assistant, assistant director). When I walked away from my cubicle to be a full time artist five years ago, I vowed to never work in an office ever again! Insert time, growth and the fact that a large part of my creative business happens on the computer, we made the decision get organized and turn our guest room into a home office. Sounds like no big deal but for me it was a full circle moment.
For the first time in five years I found myself shopping for file folders, post-it notes and dry erase markers and it wasn't for someone else- it was for me. If you have at any point been an assistant or supported, organized, filed or shopped for someone's else's office you will understand why my trip for office supplies was a momentous one. (I even had an emotional little moment in the paper aisle of Office Depot!) While I would rather be painting in my studio 7 days a week instead of sitting at the computer, I am so grateful to have my own little space to work in. Here is a peek...

see altered hanger tutorial HERE /// prints from megan wells and kelsey davis

triangle storage box from bookhou


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