Tuesday, April 16, 2013

bugs for lucy

Becoming a mom has been the most wonderful addition to my life as an artist. It's hard to believe that 
I spent my entire pregnancy worried that once Lucy was born, somehow I would lose my creativity and inspiration 
for making art (you can read about it HERE). None of my worries came true, in fact the opposite happened. 
With Lucy's arrival I have become more productive, inspired and creative than I ever could have imagined. 
Being an mom, who is also an artist has provided me with endless opportunities 
to approach creativity in so many different ways. 

My latest creative venture is drawing and creating bugs for my little Lu. Ever since she saw a lady bug land on my 
shirt she has been obsessed with all things bugs. She talks (babbles) about the bugs that she has seen outside 
and is always asking (babbling) to go looking for bugs. So I've been hard at work creating little bugs 
for her to look at and play with around the house.

The bug sketches have evolved into painted rocks that now live in a "lady bug garden" in the yard. This little spot 
is the perfect place to play and explore bugs when we can't find real bugs. 
Using my passion for creativity to make little treasures has become one of my favorite ways to show Lucy
that I love her and that I will always find ways to support and foster her interests- even if her interests have six legs!


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