Friday, March 22, 2013

fashion friday- my outdoor uniform

We spend a lot of time outdoors and that means having clothing that works for a variety of locations and weather conditions. I have come up with a sort of uniform for myself that comes in handy for all kinds of outings!
A baseball hat or a stocking cap is a must! It gets windy and rains at any moment so I make sure I have a hat on hand. 

A warm vest is my staple item. It keeps me warm enough when layered over the top of a sweater on most days and is easy to wear under a jacket when it rains or gets cold. 

I wear sweaters year round here on the coast. They are easy to layer and a fun way to add stripes or pattern to an outfit.

I love skinny jeans, they are comfortable (stretchy) and easy to tuck into boots.

I cannot live without rubber boots. We are always hiking around on the beach and they make it easy to walk through tide pools and small streams. I have slowly acquired a nice little collection of rubber boots in a variety of colors and styles!


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