Monday, December 10, 2012

wrapping with nature

Every year I select a theme for all of my holiday wrapping and try to push myself to get  creative within that theme. With our move to the Oregon Coast and a home surrounded by forest and sea, this year I was inspired to wrap with nature! 

Twigs and branches can easily be altered and used in gift wrapping-

1. Use embroidery floss and wrap it around a branch. 2. Wrap driftwood with colorful twine. 3. Pair sticks and branches with feathers and wrap together with thread or ribbon. 4. Paint twigs with stripes and dots. 5. Paint branches an unexpected color.

Use treasures found on the beach in simple ways- like gluing them to gift tags.

or creating unique present toppers.

1. Use tiny pieces of greenery to top gifts or glue to tags. 2. Use small pine cones to add to the surface of tags or cards. 3. Paint pine cones. 4. Use leaves and colorful berries on the surface of a tag or card. 5. Acorns are great to use as a present topper. 6. Moss makes a pretty embellishment for the top of a gift. 7. Use thread wrapped greenery for a gift tag. 8. Select aromatic greenery to top gifts.

1. Use leaves to create a flower- I used a felt flower in the middle of leaves. 2. Paint leaves and use then as a gift tag. 3. Paint dried leaves with gold or metallic paint. 4. Use painted leaves on the surface of a tag. 5. Dip leaves in bright colored paint. 6. Use permanent ink and stamp the surface of leaves.

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