Saturday, December 08, 2012

gift ideas

dude gifts

1. bear on a bike t-shirt 2. bow ties 3. leather wallet 4. striped hoodie 5. slippers 6. oscar the grouch tie clip 7. sweater 8. Thelonious Monk box set 9. ship belt buckle 10. leather bag


martinealison said...

Les noeuds papillons et le cartable sont fantastiques.
Mais la plus belle c'est la petite fille !

Gros bisous.

Yael said...

Those are really nice ideas! I like each one of them! It is always so difficult to find presents for men! Thank you for sharing! :-)

Holly S said...

Thank you, Andy for the ideas...LOVE that they are priced from super cheap to more of an investment amount.

joojoo said...

wow! this is actually VERY helpful!! thanks guys! I always wondered what to buy for my husband..this is a great list to start from

Audrey said...

I hope I find a dude with half as much style as your dude! I'm impressed!

studioGypsy said...

definitely dude.ish!! :)


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