Friday, June 29, 2012

we are home!


I am happy to report that on Wednesday evening we pulled into the driveway of our new house on the Oregon Coast! Our little caravan arrived in one piece- exhausted and nerves shot but in one piece- to the sun shining and fresh Oregon air (there is nothing quite like it). It only took us two days of driving to get here but those two days may have been the longest days of my life! I though going through childbirth was hard- NOTHING compared to being in the car with a 8 month old, teething, tired, wiggly baby!!! Except for a few minor episodes- Lucy did as good as possible and thankfully I had my mom in my car to help out with the driving.

photo-3 copy
We are now unpacking and getting settled into our new home and really just trying to take a little time to decompress and take some time to rest and just enjoy each other!

photo-2 copy
I just got back online today and will return Monday with all kinds fun stuff! Happy weekend to everyone!


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