Wednesday, May 09, 2012

a place to create

I have been juggling what feels like a million projects over here and the biggest and most challenging has been packing up my studio so that we can convert it back into a garage in preparation for moving and renting our condo. This has been a HUGE undertaking but the process of taking things apart, boxing up supplies and packing up artwork has forced me to pause and reflect on how grateful I have been over the years to have a creative space.

studio before
I have loved every space that has served as my studio over the time and let me tell you there have been some creative places where I have made art!

There was a time when all I yearned for was to fit a table for art into my living space and then that dream grew into wanting (and needing) an entire room and that evolved into converting a garage into a studio space. Somehow these sacred places and spaces have evolved with my journey and growth as an artist.

From tiny studio apartments to painting on a balcony to splattering paint in the bathtub to a small guest room as a studio and since Lucy arrived- a corner on the couch. Each and every space has played such an important role in my life as an artist. All those places that I made art, all those nooks and crannies where I pulled out my supplies and got creative- each hold wonderful memories and a place in my heart.

And now as I embark on a new chapter and into a new empty space I find myself, more than anything just feeling blessed that somehow I have been able find space in my life for my passion (and dreams!). Sometimes it was a corner, sometimes it was the floor, sometimes it was a wall or the kitchen table- but it was SOMETHING dedicated to art and for this I am so grateful.

coming very soon- a virtual studio sale with kinds of goodies!!


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