Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Picture 5
I am addicted to Instragram! If you haven't heard of it yet- its time you did! Its a free photo sharing program that allows users to take a photo, apply a filter and then share it- its kind of like a visual twitter but instead of words you use images! For those of us who ALWAYS have our phones handy- it is a quick and fun way to get creative with photography.

Picture 3
Its great for social networking and a fabulous tool for connecting with others but I have been enjoying using it as a way to document my everyday moments- I use it to take photos of Lucy and simple things throughout the week. Over time I've compiled this amazing little "visual history" of our life.

Picture 4
I discovered there are a number of resources out there to print the photos from your account. I used Prinstragram- a great site with lots of neat options for printing photos. The prints are 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm and just about as cute as can be!

Picture 6
Recently I ordered prints of all the Lucy photos from my Instagram account and when they arrived I spread them out on the table. Maybe it was my "new mama hormones" but seeing all of these tiny (literally) little moments spread out before me got me emotional and took my breath away! I never could have imagined a silly little phone application could inspire and capture my journey in the last 7 months so perfectly.

Of course I have some creative ideas of how I will be using all my photos but in the meantime you can find me completely addicted and LOVING Instagram!

you can find me on Instragram @alisakburke


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