Thursday, March 15, 2012

upcycled baby headbands

IMG_3427 copy
Remember my posting about all the baby clothing that I have been upcycling and sewing into whimsical little creatures? (post here) Well that project has created even more scraps of baby clothing so I decided to put those little scraps to use and make some simple little baby headbands.

When I am cutting up baby clothing (or any clothing for that matter) to upcycle I typically toss out the small pieces and strips and the waistband (or anything with elastic). But for this project I actually made use of those small bits and pieces!

IMG_3376 copy
Luckily I found that the waistband of Lucy's "too short" pants actually fits perfectly around her head. This may not always be the case so you could simple just use a piece of brand new elastic- like I used in THIS headband project a while back.

IMG_3381 copy
Next, I created rolled fabric flowers with my scraps of fabric and Fabric Fusion fabric glue. Since discovering how to make rolled roses a couple of years ago I have put these flowers to use in SO many projects!!

my tutorial on rolled roses- HERE

IMG_3386 copy
Last, I sewed a button to the middle.

The result is a SUPER inexpensive (FREE) pretty little headband for baby!

IMG_3451 copyIMG_3504


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