Wednesday, January 26, 2011

braided headbands

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I am STILL growing my hair out and while I have surpassed the really difficult stage, it seems I am always one bad hair day away from shaving my head. I've done it before and could do it again- once you know how easy it is to have short hair or very little hair, it is SO tempting to go back. That is why having lots of hair accessories on hand is a MUST!

I have a variety of ways that I like to pull my hair back and lately I've been having fun making my own braided headbands. They are really easy to make and super cute to wear on a bad hair day :)

Start with a blank headband or even upcycle one that you are ok covering up.

Using fabric (pretty much anything), cut into strips a little longer than the headband and braid the strips.
I used a thin and stretchy jersey fabric.

Using craft glue or hot glue, wrap the headband with a strip of the same fabric.

Glue the braid to the top of the wrapped headband.

You could use just about any kind of fabric, fiber, lace, ribbon, etc to braid

and even combine materials.

Upcycled fabric is also great to use.
This was fabric from an old shirt that I was going to donate


If you don't have a headband or if they hurt your head- simple turn the braided fabric into a headband by sewing both ends together.

This one was made from upcycled stretch jersey.

And there you have it- cute headbands to make you forget about those bad hair days!


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