Friday, January 28, 2011

on the road

I am on the road heading to Los Angeles for the CHA Trade Show. CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) is a big trade show for the crafting industry. While I have attended for the last few years, this year I will be working around the clock doing demos for iLovetoCreate -one of my most favorite companies out there- so it will be fun! And I have decided to take all of you along with me! Only you don't have to do any work, or travel or stay in a hotel room or be homesick. So here we go....ALL ABOARD!



paperbird said...

wonderful images. i love this little place that you have created here>

Gretchen said...

Your boots are SO cute - can I ask what brand they are? (Beautiful photos, too!!)

flowersandhome said...

Thanks for taking us with you! Love this!

Angie in AZ said...

Oh, your pictures make me smile! My best trip was this past October when I took my two boys out to CA. We stayed in Oceanside, where we usually stay, and took public transportation the entire week. We loved riding the trains and we went all over the place.... obviously to do that, we had to take buses. We walked miles every day. You have brought back sweet memories and now I'm LONGING to get back out there!

Elizabeth said...

Oh thank you so much for taking us along!!! great way to travel- by train!! Good girl!!! You cam journal and snap away and relax!!! I took this train when we moved from new york to Santa barbara and my Mom would not fly- a veryyyyyyy loooong time ago! Brings back memeories of excitement and anticipation!!!

Barb Smith said...

YAY! I am so happy you're taking us with you. I've dreamed of going to CHA and now I kinda get to, thanks to you. :) And you get to go by train? How fun!!
Peace & Love,

Timaree said...

I've taken the train from S.D. to Simi Valley several times in the past. Now I go from my daughter's in Simi Valley when I visit to my sister's in Oceanside. She lives less than a block from the Oceanside station. The only thing I don't like about taking them is not being able to take my dogs with me but it does beat driving through L.A.!

Have fun!

Lora Dawn said...

I'm hopping on for the ride.
Delightful beckon!

Emily said...

Grafitti is one of my most favorite things to look at when taking the train:) Good luck out there, have fun, and I hope you don't get too homesick! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us:)

Ariadne said...

Thanks for taking us with you!AriadnefromGreece!

Ariadne said...

Did you see that you appeared in this blog?

Peggy Wilkinson said...

Finally I know what CHA is now thanks to you! Wish I were there. Thanks for the the graffiti!

laurie said...

oh, i do like to travel! can't wait to hear more.

Victoria said...

Hey, Alisa, I so loved meeting you today! Next time I hope to have more time...maybe even a walkabout as you snap these gorgeous photos! Keep sharing your fabulosity in the ilovetocreate booth, and we'll chat soon!

sukey said...

how cool of you to take the train!


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