Saturday, July 10, 2010

waking up to parrots


We have a very interesting phenomenon here in San Diego- flocks and flocks of wild Red Crowned Amazon Parrots. Urban legend says that years ago, parrots escaped from a pet store and now fly free and live in the neighborhoods of San Diego. While their origins in this area are not completely clear, one thing is for sure- there are a lot of them - at least in our neighborhood and they are LOUD! Every spring/summer they seem to show up in the sky, sitting in trees, eating berries and creating lots of commotion in the mornings and evenings. They wake us up early in the morning, squawking and landing in the trees around our home. I have been fascinated with our neighborhood parrots for years- there is something quite exotic about waking up to parrot noises in morning- kind of like waking up in a jungle or somewhere far, far away. My fascination has lead to stalking them with my camera from our deck (a girl has gotta have hobbies!) and recently decided to follow them around the neighborhood and up the street- I found about twenty parrots amongst the trees, happily munching away on red berries- they hit the jackpot.



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