Friday, July 30, 2010

shower curtain lunch sack tutorial


It was just brought to my attention that many of the vinyl shower curtains may contain harmful chemicals and icky fumes. I did not know this!!! Where have I been?!? BUT the good news is that many stores sell alternatives at great prices and there are always fabric shower curtains or even fabric.

I will be stopping at my local IKEA and picking up one of their alternatives to vinyl made from PEVA at $3.99 and redoing my lunch sacks ASAP!!

In our house we have made it a goal to save money where we can. One of the easiest ways to cut costs is to make our lunches everyday- well at least make my husband's lunch- I eat lunch at home while painting and sewing- he has to go to work. Every morning I reluctantly roll out of bed at 5:30am with Andy and make him a yummy lunch- he eats a ridiculous amount of food so taking lunch everyday has saved us some money. Up until this point, I packed his lunches in whatever bags we had laying around and finally decided that it was time to create some simple reusable lunch bags. It is truly the simple projects that bring me the most delight in my creative life!

While shopping at Target it struck me that a $3.00 vinyl shower curtain liner would be the perfect material and the perfect price to make a handful of lunch bags. Because it was for my dude, I had to keep it plain and but did you know that there are some REALLY cute shower curtains out there?!

I started by cutting out two squares- one front and one back.

I sewed the sides and the bottom together with a straight stitch.

While the bag is inside out, I folded the corners into triangles and sewed them down with a straight stitch.

The last step is to attach velcro to the bag.

I used sticky back velcro and attached to the top and bottom.

And there you have it! A simple and easy to clean reusable lunch bag (in size XL for huge lunches).

I couldn't resist making a more girly version for myself with lots of leaves sewn with machine stitching.

And now we have nice little collection of lunch bags all ready to be put to use!



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