Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Recycled Bunting Flags

Yesterday was my husband's birthday but in our house we celebrate birthdays for the WHOLE entire week! I decided that creating colorful bunting flags for our celebrations were a must and of course I had to make them out of recycled materials.

Do those business reply mail cards in magazines annoy you as much as me?!? Well, for months and months I have been saving every single card that falls out of a magazine with the plan to make something out of them- this flag project was perfect opportunity to put them to use.

I started by painting the cards with a quick coat of acrylic paint (on both sides).

While the paint was still wet, I added pattern by stamping and painting simple designs on the surface.

Once the paint was dry I cut the cards into triangles and small rectangles.

Then I sewed the flags together with a straight stitch, leaving a little extra room in between each flag.

I sewed 4 strands (measuring roughly 5 ft long)

and hung them all over the dining room.

They are so pretty and fun I might just have to keep them up year round!


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