Thursday, May 20, 2010

Altered Flip Flops Tutorial

While I live in Southern California, I am not much of a stereotypical "California girl"- I have short black hair, fair skin, I can't get tan (unless my millions of freckles blend together one day) and I don't run around in a bikini and short shorts. But I do love my flip flops and living in California, I have developed quite the collection- and because it is 75 degrees year round- I wear them every single day!

These are my favorite pair. My husband got them for me when he spied them in a local surf shop and thought they looked like something I would make (messy and colorful). They are Sanuks and while they were not cheap (yes $32 is a lot for flip flops in my world!) they were SO worth it because they are just about the most comfy pair of sandals I have ever owned.
p.s. I think Target has knock offs for cheaper :)

While I love my Sanuks, I am not spending $32 on more colors- so I was inspired to alter some cheap - $5.00- pair of flip flops with a similar look that made use of my fabric scraps.

FYI-I hear that Old Navy is having a sale on flip flops this Sat- $1.00 a pair- how can you beat that!?

I used small pieces of my own hand dyed fabric and recycled fabric scraps in colors that would compliment the sandals.

I cut them into 1/2"- 1 " strips and lined them up in row.

I sewed them together with lots and lots of messy stitches.

I made two strips- one for each sandal- long and wide enough to use.

I cut a small strip, wide enough to wrap around the toe piece.

I wrapped it around,

and used embroidery thread to sew it together (as tight as possible).

I did the same thing for each of the straps- I wrapped the fabric around the sandal and hand sewed the top of the strip to the fabric on the toe piece and then made my way down the entire strap with colorful thread.

I made sure it was VERY messy and NOT perfect :)

I am BEYOND thrilled with the result- they are actually more comfy with the fabric, very secure (they made it through a scary hike down rocky trails to the beach) AND SUPER cute :)



I liked the first pair so much that I made another pair in neutral colors (these are my favorite!)





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