Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Petticoat Tutorial

For the last year, I have been looking for a petticoat- I know this might sound a little strange but I wanted something frilly and white to go under my skirts or even be worn as a skirt and to pair with my extensive collection of knee high boots! I had a very specific "vision" of what I wanted in my head and finally gave up my search and decided it was time to just make one for myself (like everything else-if I can't afford it or find it- I MAKE IT!).

Since I didn't have a pattern, I made my own from an old skirt. While I don't wear it anymore, I loved the shape and design which was a little bit A-line- just what I wanted for my petticoat!

Start by cutting up an old skirt to use as a pattern (or use a pattern!)

Cut out the pattern from fabric.
(I used muslin for my petticoat)

Cut out lots and lots of strips of fabric for the ruffles.

To create the ruffles- sew a straight stitch down the edge of the strip.

Pull the top thread until you have a ruffle

Continue until there are enough ruffles to cover the front and back of the skirt-
the more ruffles the fluffier it will be! Pin ruffles to the skirt and sew to the surface.

Sew the skirt together (front and back for my skirt pattern) and add an elastic waste band to the top.

***update- I've been asked by a couple of people about the edges of the ruffles fraying- I actually chose muslin and not to finish or hem the edges because I actually want my edges to fray :) I am messy in everything that I do! But if you want a cleaner ruffle you can hem the edges of each one.***


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