Friday, March 05, 2010

Blooming Belt Tutorial

While it still feels like winter, I am inspired to create my own spring over here- full of bright color, fresh ideas, and pretty flowers. I couldn't resist making a spring inspired, blooming belt out of canvas and fabric!

Start by painting canvas in your favorite color. For this project I used Claudine Hellmuth's Sticky Back Canvas it was the perfect weight to make a sturdy flower.
Thicker fabric or canvas will also work- the material just needs to have some stability for creating shape and dimension in the petals.

Once the canvas is dry, begin cutting out flower petals.

Dab a drop of glue (craft glue, fabric glue, hot glue will all work) at the bottom of the petal and pinch together to create dimension.

Continue to make lots of petals.
Glue them side by side to create a flower.

Build up the petals by stacking and gluing together to create a large flower with lots of dimension.

Add beads to the middle of the flower.
(beads can be glued or attached with needle and thread)

create a variety of flowers in different sizes, colors or shades of color.

Make simple sash out of fabric that will wrap around your waist two times.
(My sash is roughly 6 inches wide and I then folded it in half and sewed the edges together.)

Trim the ends of the sash into a leaf like shape.
Sew edges of the sash together.

Attach the flowers to the surface, in the middle of the sash.
Use craft glue, fabric glue, or needle and thread- this will depend on the weight of the sash fabric and how many flowers you will be attaching. (If you have lots of flowers that become heavy on the surface of the sash, I would recommend hand sewing them to the surface before you have sewn the edges together)

Tie the belt with the flowers on the side,

or in the middle.


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