Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love Everyday Wreath Tutorial

Last year I revealed that I don't like Valentines Day (at all!!) I am one of those people who thinks it is a commercial holiday where we all feel pressure to participate and spend money on gifts and dinner! But with that said, I love hearts, the colors red and pink, love notes, dinner out on the town, romance and celebrating love- I just prefer to celebrate it everyday! I decided this year to dedicate a series of tutorials in the next few weeks to heart projects that could be used everyday of the year- not just for Valentines Day! The first is a simple flower wreath made from junk mail.

I love using junk mail as much as I can and the easiest way to transform it is to paint over everything with colorful acrylic paint.
Start by painting 2-4 pieces of junk mail in different shades of pink and red or your favorite colors.

Once the junk mail is dry, quickly journal, doodle or even scribble all over the surface.
I wrote all sorts of little love notes- to myself and to my husband.

Cut up the paper into different sized circles and stack 2-3 circles on top of each other.

Scrunch up until it looks like an abstract flower.

Use hot glue applied to the back of the flower...

and attach to a heart or round styrofoam wreath.
Build up lots of layers of flowers along the entire surface of the wreath.

Go back and add beads or even buttons to the center of the flowers with hot glue.

The end result is a delicate and vintage looking wreath (MADE FROM TRASH!) to hang on the wall year round to remind you to love everyday!


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