Monday, January 11, 2010

Updates from the Studio

Happy Monday to everyone! I am starting off the week with a special offer of $10 off of all my online classes. I decided to go ahead and make the offer good for the entire week! Just write "Online Sale" in the note to seller and you will receive $10.00 off each class via a paypal refund.

Speaking of online classes, this time last year I was prepping for my first online class- Graffiti Chic and now one year later and nine online classes under my belt, I am prepping for Graffiti Chic Part 2 which starts January 25th. I have learned so much by planning and teaching in an online structure and am working to make each class better and better!

In Graffiti Chic Part 2 we are going BIGGER, MESSIER and more WILD!
Building on the lessons from the first class, we will take graffiti to the next level- working VERY large, tagging, creating graffiti inspired fashion, getting more creative drawing and lettering, inspiring excursions and much MORE! This class will continue to inspire you to think and work outside the box!

I will be updating my esty shop very soon with all kinds of colorful creations that I cannot wait to share!

Last week I was on Diva Craft Lounge Radio and despite my phone not working right before having to call in, it was a blast (FYI- I laugh A LOT!) You can listen to it here-

I have been going back and forth about whether or not to attend CHA this year and I have finally decided that I will be there (it is practically in my back yard!) and I am in the middle of planning some fun things so if you are also attending and want to meet up send me an email!

And last order of business-
I have decided to offer sponsorship on my blog so if you are interested in details, email me for sponsorship information at I am going to unplug for a little while :)


claudine hellmuth said...

Make sure to come by the Ranger booth and say hi!!! I'll be posting my schedule to my blog. looking forward to seeing you!

Jamie Fingal said...

I'll be going to the CHA Consumer show on Friday and Saturday. Hope to see you there!

Eden said...

Alisa, Is it a requirement to have taken Graffiti Chic 1 before the Graffiti Chic 2 class?


Emma said...

Can I just add to yesterday's comment about being inspired/influenced by others work? I was reading an Embroidery mag, May 2005 (I'm having a clear out!)& found an article on Matisse 'his art & his textiles'. He was born into a family of weavers & he said "I am made up of everything I have seen" I love that, I love a bit of validation!

I was asking the other day (possibly lost in the 155 comments!) what happened to the Alisa, Tracy & Lisa collaboration- was it cancelled due to Lisa's op? Hope she's okbut what a great combination!

Yours validated,

Johanna said...

I am attending CHA for the first time as a buyer and I can't wait! So many of my favorite artists are going to be there and I just HAVE to shop, order, and take workshops. YAY.


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