Wednesday, September 02, 2009

there are those days...

There are those days as an artist that things just click and everything seems to fall into place- today was one of those days for me.  Back when I was in college and working on assignments for painting classes these moments happened very often and would seem to come at the very last minute and when a project was due a certain kind of creative madness, an inspired rush of energy always came late in the night! Unfortunately that era is long gone and there are no assignments to draw inspiration from- boy do I miss those days- now it is just me finding inspiration and new ideas on my own! Thankfully something magical happened in my studio today, something I can only explain as an onslaught of motivation combined with euphoria- where color feels extra vibrant, where there are almost too many ideas and time falls away- I can only compare the feeling to good run or workout (endorphins?).  While I don't have too many issues with finding inspiration, I SO needed  a day like this!


debinsf said...

What a wonderful post. What a wonderful day!

omanoot said...

I had a very similar couple of days. Maybe there is something in the stars, provide creative energy. One of the things I just finished with is playing around with your plastic bonding material process. So it is funny that you just posted this..


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