Thursday, February 05, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I keep getting tagged on Facebook for 25 Random Things About Me so here goes it (don't worry I won't tag anyone else!)

I wanted to be a professional artist since I was a little kid but went through a short stage of wanting to be a marine biologist
I hate to shave my legs (but I do it anyway)
I never believed in love at first site until the first time I met my hubby and I knew right away I would marry him
I worked at a surf shop all through high school and college
I don’t know how to load a dishwasher
I cut my own hair
I love reality tv shows
I can sing opera pretty well (but only when I am by myself)
I am really good at arguing (when I need to)
I am a tom boy at heart
I wish I were taller
Growing up I was teased terribly for having fair skin, freckles and dark hair
I used to go fake tanning (because of the above) but never again!!
My favorite places to shop are Forever 21 and JC Penny and Goodwill- I like my clothes CHEAP!
Once I ate a whole cheesecake (and have never heard the end of it from my husband)
I typically consume lots of food- I like to eat!
I was homecoming queen my senior year of high school
I got mugged when I was traveling in Spain
Two years ago I badly dislocated my knee and put it back into place- how tough is that?
I ALWAYS HAVE to sit on the left side of the movie theater
My favorite thing to wear is a pair of my husbands old lifeguard sweat pants- they are very cozy!!
The sound of a violin always makes me cry
I love places that make me feel small- ocean, mountains, big cities
I am really messy and clumsy- a dangerous combo!!


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