Monday, January 26, 2009

CHA Highlights

So I am back from my short jaunt to Anaheim for two days at CHA and a fun filled two days it was! It was jam packed with tons of stuff to see, people to say hello to and lots and lots of walking! Just a few highlights-

Created a colorful purse to take with me TO CHA
 (I always create a fab purse to take to ALL OCCASIONS)

Catching up with Ruth Rae and Kelly Snelling at the F&W booth. These two gals are a BLAST!  Check out their lovely book A Charming Exchange.

Getting to catch up with Traci Bautista who was promoting her line- 

Kelly, Tonia, Me, Traci and Ruth

Seeing Tonia Davenport at the F&W Booth doing demos from her SUPER COOL book 

Running into the lovely Lisa Engelbrecht at the Rockport booth promoting her book-
I snagged some of her make and takes- funky fill letters- that am going to embellish at home.

Finally meeting Candice Marquette in person- she is soooooooo much fun, super duper hilarious and SO crafty!

I am SO bummed that I missed meeting Linda Woods at the Barnes and Noble booth someday I will meet her in person!! Time totally got away from me and by the time I started to head over (which was a LONG walk) I ran into major traffic where it seemed everyone at CHA was waiting for Paris Hilton. (I have already complained about this enough but lets just say I am really annoyed that someone who has been in jail and has a sex tape can somehow get a line of kids crafting products- but WHATEVER!)

I am also super bummed I missed Claudine Hellmuth's demos but I was able to check out her products at the Ranger booth and must say that I am definitely going to try out her Sticky Back Canvas- since I make use of all things canvas- it is on my list of materials to try ASPAP!

I am totally exhausted but will post some more CHA highlights tomorrow!

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nadia said...

whew! thanks for sharing pics and highlights. sounds like a fast, fun filled time! wish I coulda been there. someday I will get to meet YOU! ciao!


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